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Do you know that Malaysia will have 21 millions internet users by 2016 and estimated eCommerce size of RM5.76 billion? It’s a huge opportunity for every business. Are you ready to turn your website into a Selling Machine?

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Should you use Magento for you eCommerce Website?

Are you looking to kick start your online store or redesign your current one? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Geeks Working is one of the Top Magento eCommerce web design and development agency in Malaysia. We have successfully design and develop numerous Magento eCommerce website for our clients and at the same time help them to get more sales for their Magento store.

Magento is a versatile and powerful eCommerce shopping cart solutions that helps you achieve maximum results in your online presence. Magento eCommerce has the flexibility to produce fruitful, differentiated consumer experiences from the desktop to mobile, and to tailor back-end workflows to your business. There are also tons of extensions and an open architecture to add even more functionality and to integrate with other best-of-breed enterprise systems to create you the best online store.

Who’s Using Magento For Their eCommerce Store?

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How can we help you build your eCommerce Store?

We love Magento and know that whatever ideas you have, we can make them a reality using its feature-rich capabilities and flexibility. We take the time to learn about you and your business so we can tailor make your eCommerce website to meet all your goals.


Every online store projects starts with us (the geeks) understanding your business needs. We’ll sit down and talk about your products, services, marketing goals, design needs, technical requirements, payment and shipping channels, the ideas you have and many more.


We can consult, install, and customize Magento modules tailored to your specific needs. From payment gateways to shipping methods, modules can boost the performance of your ecommerce website in all kinds of ways but can be complicated to understand if you don’t have the relevant Magento know-how. Our Malaysia Magento experts will provide perfect solutions for you and fix any glitches you might come across.


With our extensive knowledge in HTML and CSS, we’ll turn your ideas into awesome website. We’ll discuss with you in details your design requirements to bring the best out of your business and make your customers fall in love with your eCommerce store.


Your site will inevitably come across bugs from time to time. Our developers will sift through your site and resolve any unwanted bugs to get it back on track.


Your website is the shop front of your business, so it needs to be accessible 24/7. At Geeks Working, we offer dedicated and shared hosting packages, giving all of our clients 99.9% uptime. You customers can shop anytime and anywhere they want without interuption!


Well-structured and efficient databases are crucial to ecommerce website. Our experienced team of developers will optimize database structures tailored to your needs allowing you to organise, maintain and run them successfully.

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5 Important E-commerce Website Tips for Malaysian Business Owners

Businesses across the globe have started realizing the importance of customer retaining strategies for business promotion, but finding new customers is probably the most dominant business strategy being pursued by the majority of businesses. In fact, the customer retaining strategies begin only when you have a sufficient stream of new customers with a fairly good conversion ratio. This is the reason why online business promoters spend huge resources in terms of time and money to engage new customers.

However, aggressive marketing campaigns and constant stream of targeted traffic may be wasted if your eCommerce websites are unable to transform the potential audiences into loyal customers. If the conversion rate is low, all the efforts of webmasters in generating targeted web traffic become futile. It requires lots of experience to design a killer e-ommerce website that provides a competitive edge to your business. In this article, we are going to share five valuable tips for developing e-commerce sites with potential of making you the most dominant player in your market segment.


The speed issues of your eCommerce website can wipe you out of business. Customers don’t like slow loading websites and if your site goes down, it affects your business. Therefore, it becomes very important to select the right web hosting service for your eCommerce website. Make sure to research about the average uptime and Speed provided by the servers of your potential web host. Don’t hesitate to change your host if the servers of your current host routinely go down, affecting your online business.

Keep Things Clean and Neat

Sometimes, webmasters create clutter and confusion in their attempt to present a more appealing website. The overdesigned webstore with lots of features and side bars confuse the visitors and play havoc with the navigation of your website. A simple website that revolves around the customers and the products being sold are greatly appreciated by the customers because of its user friendly nature.

You should ensure that the navigation plan of your eCommerce webstore doesn’t change on the sub pages, and the main navigation system is retained throughout the site to maintain its consistency and user-friendly approach of your website.

Focus on Usability

The design or structure of an eCommerce website is useless if it doesn’t allow user friendly transaction. In fact, complicated websites cause irritation and discomfort, leading to customers’ alienation. Your website should allow easy and hassle-free navigation of customers from one product or section to another. The customers should be allowed to easily add or delete the items, and the shopping cart should be simple enough to impart an easy and comfortable shopping experience.


Cross selling involves selling complementary products for sales maximization. You should design appropriate marketing strategies that allow you to utilize the cross selling to its full potential. Consider special discounts on complimentary products to maximize your average sales from the customers.

You can also improve your cross sales by suggesting complementary products to your customers without bugging them to spoil their shopping experience.

Promotional Coupon Codes

Freebies and discounts rule over the mind of the customers. The business promoters tactically utilize several discount plans to maximize their sales turnover. When one product is clubbed with another and certaindiscount is offered on the clubbed items, the consumer’s surplus and satisfaction from purchasing such products is significantly increased.

So, incorporate appropriate discount plans and use the coupon code system to increase your sales. You can use coupon code directories over the Internet to promote your discount offers. All you need to do is to impart required flexibility in your billing system so that the discounts can be applied to sales with appropriate coupon codes.