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Do you know that Malaysia will have 21 millions internet users by 2016 and more than 50% of them are on Facebook? Many brands and businesses have been using Facebook to maximize their exposure. Are you?

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Facebook Marketing Malaysia

This is the fact that Facebook marketing has taken business to whole new level while it is also become the requirement for businesses worldwide to have a strong social media account to gather trust, more sales and learn more about their customers and clients. But Facebook marketing or Facebook advertising is not as easy as its sound like. To gather the target likes on your Facebook business page, you need to work a lot and most of this concern about research. For example, what type of people are going to target, their age, gender and economic status while you must also know about the geographic area where you would like to target your ads and wants to gather maximum like. Facebook advertising manager can help you with this but still, having basic knowledge about Facebook marketing is necessary to run a successful Facebook business page and advertisements etc.

Majority of Facebook advertising techniques fails due to many cases, for example you did not set a killer Facebook page or you are not getting engaged with your new fans. Remembered that if you have decided to spend money on Facebook marketing and advertising, then you should be bit active to welcome your new fans by answering their questions and increasing post engagements through posting fresh content. Following I am sharing some top class tips which could help you to get effective results through Facebook marketing and how you can get success through Facebook advertising:

Know your audience

If you are not targeting your content to the right audience, then you are wasting your time and money on Facebook marketing. To know, what type of audience is more engaging, use Facebook insight to gather information. Facebook insight can provide you maximum information including what type of people liking your page, what type of content they like to see, from which city and country they belongs too and what is their online activities e.g shopping, browsing watching videos etc.

Make a killer page

If you have decided to spend money on Facebook marketing, then make sure that you have created a professional page with proper display picture and Facebook cover. Specially if you are a brand or a company which sale products and services then make sure that you have mentioned this to attract the most relevant audience instead of getting just random likes from non-target audience.

Post fresh content

Once you see an increase in the number of people on your page. Make sure to post fresh content. Don’t just fill your page with links or information about your company, products and services but be creative and post related pictures and videos. Try to be funny and get engaged with your members. To make it more interesting, you can start online quiz, ask your fans to share their opinion about your company etc.

Test your audience

By tasting your audience, you can easily know their behavior toward your Facebook fan page. You can test them by posting different types of post like video, text and photos and see their reaction on each of them like how many shares you got, likes and comments etc. You can also test your audience by posting on different time. Usually posting content between 1 PM to 5 PM has best results.