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Concern about your website ranking on Google? We have proven SEO technique to rank you on Page #1! The results are amazing. We help our client make 5 FIGURES EVERY MONTH by SEO traffic. Search traffic increase 500% in 3 months.

# In-house SEO team
# Detailed monthly reporting
# Result focus SEO campaign
# eCommerce sales driven SEO plan

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Why Your Business Need SEO?

80% of Clicks Go to the First Page Result.

Marketing studies reveal the almost 80 percent potential customers reach the first page organically ranked website by clicking the search link when they look for specific keywords related to the products and services.

The remaining 40 percent customers consider the second highest or other listings of their search. Thousands of websites compete for the remaining web traffic, and you might become almost invisible to your customers on being listed on the second or third page. You need Search engine optimization services to rank high and get better web traffic.

Some of our clients on Google First Page



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Why Is Our SEO Special?

# We started SEO for our own business
# We use the same method for our clients
# We never engage black hat SEO
# We work hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing SEO curve
# We maximize both short and long term results
# We provide FREE SEO Audit for perspective clients

Our SEO practice started in 2008 when we needed online marketing campaign for our own businesses and since then we have excelled in almost every aspect of the online marketing campaign. We still pursue an SEO Malaysia campaign for our businesses and provide the same instruments and treatment to our clients with the ultimate goal of optimizing the conversion ratio. This approach to SEO campaign makes us different from other SEO companies.

Our strategies and experience will ensure a significant boost in your organic web traffic and improve your online exposure. Our team of expert professionals analyze every aspect of your website and launch SEO Malaysia campaign that induces search engines to assign a high ranking to your website and landing pages. Our Search Engine Optimization campaign also makes sure that your future pages are quickly indexed and given a high ranking.





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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO opens the gateway of organic traffic to your website by marked increase in your search rankings related to specific keywords and thus, your visibility to potential customers is improved. SEO techniques help you in streamlining your aggressive marketing campaign with the most powerful instruments of Internet marketing to let your customers reach you.

Definite Increase In Traffic

The number of Internet users in Malaysia has crossed the massive figures of 16 million, and their number is growing as more and more people are getting access to modern technology. The convenience of on-line shopping has attracted most of the Internet users to shop from on-line stores. Your presence on the Internet will do nothing to improve your turnouts unless the potential customers can reach you. SEO techniques improve your visibility to the potential customers and place you at the reach of one click’s distance!

You cannot afford to ignore your organic ranking when your competitors are most likely using SEO Malaysia to get highly targeted traffic. If you don’t use SEO techniques, you will be left far behind!

Better ROI

Marketing research and studies reveal that web traffic generated from organic search rankings provide better conversion rates as compared to paid traffic and other marketing strategies. The reason lies in highly targeted traffic from organic ranking where people are looking for the products and services they actually need. Most of the Internet users understand the difference between paid and organic listing and ignore the paid website listings.

Organic search ranking in relation to specific keywords provide unprecedented opportunity to engage your customers. You are just required to improve your visibility to the potential customers by gaining high search ranking.

Build Brand Awareness & Credibility

Top search ranking related to specific keywords create the impression of reliable and reputed providers, further strengthening the exposure of your company and the conversion ratio of organic web traffic.

Ranking to the top Google search listings allows you to easily engage your potential customers as they consider you a reliable and trustworthy company that got ranked at the first position by Google. Top organic ranking provides the impression of market domination and leadership.


Eight Reasons Why You Should Chose Us

We pick up our online marketing skills to promote our own businesses and therefore, we understand the importance of following the SEO guidelines and recommendations from Google. You will never face any risk of getting penalized by Google. Our SEO team includes six professionals with more than 40 years experience in launching an online marketing campaign. Their experience is a guarantee for your success in achieving long term search ranking.

Local Advantage

We understand the culture and demographic profile of your target audiences as we are based in Malaysia. Demographic analysis of your potential customers is very instrumental for better conversion and successful online campaign.

Demographic understating of your target customers will allow us to launch more effective Malaysia SEO campaign and establish you in your targeted market.

Maximum Reach

Other Search engine optimization companies with traditional strategies rank only a few pages of your website and therefore, you still get limited brand exposure and sales turnover.

We have evolved successful strategies to optimize the entire website and landing pages by completely optimizing the structure of your website. We provide maximum brand exposure and organic traffic to your website.

Customized Strategies

We believe that every business is unique and require a customized approach in SEO Malaysia campaign so that special considerations specific to that business or industry can be taken care of.

We understand that there can be no automation in your Google search engine campaign. We are always ready to collect data specific to your business and customize your SEO campaign with established guidelines regardless of the hard work. This is the reason why we deliver.

Conversion Optimization

SEO campaign and subequent increase in your web traffic is useless if you cannot engage your potential customers and convert the traffic into sales. Marketing research indicates that Malaysia SEO campaigns should also improve the conversion ratio as there is a long-term positive relationship between these two aspects of your online marketing.

Our strategy improves the content and structure of your website that improves your conversion ratio. High-quality content and good website structure are the key aspects of our search engine marketing campaign.

Themed Content

High-quality contents are extremely important for engaging your potential customers. If you are unable to appropriately represent your products and services, high bouncing rates can jeopardize your SEO campaign.

We provide themed content as part of our SEO package that will certainly attract potential customers and lead to improved sales turnover.

Follow the Rules

Backlinks are important instruments of a search engine optimization solutions. Backlinks to quality websites and right demographic profile not only improve the ranking of your website but also bring highly targeted web traffic.

There can be no trick for quality backlinks. In fact, Google has clearly issued some guidelines for using backlinks and penalizes the websites if the businesses or their webmasters ignore those recommendations. We ensure that these guidelines are strictly followed.

We Walk the Talk

Online marketing strategies and plans are useless if you are unable to implement them. We have a very balanced Malaysia SEO team consisting of in-house technical experts for implementing the strategies outlined by the professional consultants who work out the best search engine ranking strategies by evaluating your business and website structure.

Reports Provided

We provide complete analysis and strategy report, which can help you in streamlining your future marketing campaigns. These reports also provide concrete proof of our successful SEO strategies. We keep our clients fully informed during the different stages of Malaysia SEO campaign to let them know how their business interest is managed and let them have a peace-of-mind!

The expenses of your online marketing campaign are nothing in comparison to the search ranking domination on major search providers like Google, Bing and Yahoo and creating unlimited earning potential with a constant stream of highly targeted organic web traffic for a long time! Besides the organic search ranking, our online marketing campaign provides the following advantages to you. We help you to present your products and services in a more appealing manner. Your visitors spend more time on your website or landing pages, allowing you to engage your customers in a more effective manner. Come up with the most convincing content and thus, improving the conversion ratio of your products and services. Optimize your Web 2.0 properties to help you get extra quality web traffic.