B.Adore Offline To Online Experience

Client B.Adore

Project eCommerce Development & Enhancement

  • Wordpress
  • WooCommerce
  • CMS
  • User Flow
  • Customize
web design

Project Description

B.Adore is a fast growing Designer Brand specialize in bags & accessories. It all started at Batu Pahat, Johor with a traditional brick and mortar shop. While their shop was doing going, it was their exponential growth in social media which prompts them to develop a eCommerce website.

The first requirement when they engaged us at year 2017 was fairly straight forward i.e a workable eCommerce website. However, as they grew, we added more features to provide better user experience and also to ease the admin workload.


B.Adore is a high traffic site especially during promo period. There is also certain brand guideline to follow and a big crowd of visitors and customers to take care of. Some of the work we’ve done include

  • Optimize website performance and actively manage server to cater for web traffic influx
  • Customize product bundles for up-selling
  • Add on email coupon system to encourage repeat sales
  • Facebook pixel integration and Google eCommerce tracking to review marketing performance
  • Automated newsletter list sync for a better CRM
  • The Result

    B.Adore have enjoyed steady month to month growth since launching the website. The eCommerce system helps to manage the orders and customers in a systematic way. The online presence also helps to weather through tough economy including current COVID-19 pandemic.

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