WordPress Website Maintenance Malaysia

that meets your budget

Dear Business Owner,

Let me guess, you are here because you’re either worry about or have been through the following…

1 website being hack
2 website is loading very very slow
3 keep getting malware warning
4 no idea how to update your website
5 website is not functioning properly
6 need extra help on codes and updates

Looks Familiar ?😨

These issues will lead to some MAJOR losses to your business

1 loss of sales or leads 2 bad reputation 3 waste of time and money 4 low productivity

That’s why we are here to help. We provide wordpress website maintenance services for businesses of all sizes. Here’s what we can do for you.

WordPress Website Maintenance Malaysia

What do you get from our WordPress Website Maintenance Plan?

1 Secured & Functional Website
2 Professional Help
3 Peace Of Mind

Platform & CMS We Support

The best part, we offer budget friendly WordPress Maintenance Plans
RM2500 / year
8 Man Hours Support / Month (Ticket Only)
Monthly Off-site cloud backup
Monthly Performance check
Monthly Security check
Uptime Monitoring
RM1500 / month
16 Man Hours Support / Month (Whatsapp)
Daily Off-site cloud backup
Bi-Weekly Performance check
Bi-Weekly Security check
Uptime Monitoring
24 Hours Response Time
Name Your Price
? Man Hours Support / Month
? Off-site cloud backup
? Performance check
? Security check
Uptime Monitoring

Contact Us & Get Your Website Maintained Now!

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