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We build awesome websites that suits your brand and style while still being functional to meet your business needs. Our web designers live and breath CSS3 and HTML5 and know more about WordPress and responsive web design. Call us at 03-7494 6145 to talk about your website at Starbuck nearby : )

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At Geeks Working, we specialize in Magento – one of the most powerful eCommerce platform available. From product catalog, discount code, newsletter to order management, we’ve got you covered. A full fledge eCommerce website is what you need to start rocking the online marketplace.


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Our 4 SIMPLE and POWERFUL website development tips for Online SUCCESS.

Some say the presentation of your website defines the success of your online business. You have to carefully design your website to engage the visitors and transform them into loyal customers.

So when you google “web design malaysia“, you’re probably looking to make your website more beautiful, nice… The truth is no matter how pretty your website is, the end result is useless if it doesn’t improve your sales turnover. That’s why,we are going to share four valuable web design tips that can substantially increase the conversion rate of your revamped or new designed website.

Focus On Value

As the business owner, you should understand that you are going to sell your product or services to humans and people do believe in values. This is the reason why businesses with strong value proposition grow into huge empires. Try to find out the values behind your business by analyzing why the customers should buy your products or services and what rewards they receive by investing in your business.

Your website should be designed to reflect the basic values of your business. If you can effectively convey the value proposition of your business, it will induce your visitors at the subconscious levels to buy your goods or services, or at least encourage them to subscribe your newsletter, allowing you to connect with them as potential customers.

Communication Is Important

Well, how do you induce your visitors at their subconscious levels? By making it easier to identify the values of your business and reflecting that you care about the issues and challenges that bother them. When your website design is focused onto the customers, and the values of your business resonate with their problems and challenges, you get the opportunity to connect with your customers at the emotional level.

Try to connect with your potential customers as if you are attending one individual customer rather than communicating to the entire crowd. In website design Malaysia, personal interactions build trust and credibility in your business.

Work On SEO

The programming codes that optimize your search rankings may not be very appealing to your potential customers. You have to carefully optimize your search ranking without creating any distraction that might cause high bouncing rates. You cannot ignore SEO optimization that improves your organic search ranking, but you should also keep in mind that general audiences don’t prefer websites written or designed for search crawlers.

Search engines are now providing better ranking to the websites that are designed for people rather than machines. So, take care in creating a harmonious balance between search engine optimization and appealing presentation to the audiences.

Power Of Images & Graphics

The use of multimedia in your website development, particularly the graphics and flash videos create a visual treat for your audiences. However, you must understand that your website is not a black hole that would absorb everything you put on it. The images or graphics on your website require a high-bandwidth connection, and it may significantly increase the bouncing rate of your website when people close your website simply because it failed to load within a few seconds due to slow connections.

So, always keep in mind that images / graphics related to your contents shouldn’t prevent the low-speed broadband users from accessing your website.

Optimize Your Call To Actions

Your website or landing pages should be designed in a way that they lead your potential audiences towards your ‘call to action’ like a funnel. In web design Malaysia, the entire purpose of your website design is to persuade the visitors to buy your product or services and / or become your subscriber.

Your call of action rests at the bottom of this funnel structure. This is the most important button in your entire website. It can take your customers to sign for an account, a subscription page, shopping cart, contact page or any call you desire.