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eCommerce Website

With the pandemic going on and consumers switch their attention to the digital world, it is a no brainer to have your very own eCommerce website. And having a functioning eCommerce website is not enough. You’ll need to have a eCommerce site that converts visitors into customers.

Our team of web developer Malaysia have more than 8 years experiences in developing and deploying eCommerce websites that generates 5,6,to 7 figures sales a month. We have the knowledge and know how to help you scale your eCommerce business as it grows.

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API Integration

It is a nightmare to manage multiple softwares at the same time while making sure all the data are in place. This is why API integration is so crucial as your business grow. We have vast experience in deploying and managing API integration in between systems such as eCommerce, accounting, CRM, inventory & warehousing, logistic, POS, and many more.

Not sure whether if your system is “integratable”? Not sure which system should be the host and how should the data flows? Give us a call now and our lead developers will be able to help you out.

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Mobile App

With users nowadays spend most time on mobile devices, it make sense to have your own mobile application. The question is what kind of Mobile App you should build and how does it benefits your users.

Do not be intimidate by questions like should it be hybrid app or native app, how does it works with your other web applications and etc. We will guide you throughout the whole development process so that you get the ideal app.

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Custom Web Application

Have a great idea and need expert programmers to turn it into a reality? Listing site, food delivery platform, investing platform, MLM system… any idea you have, we can help develop into a working system.

Let us know your vision and ideas of the web application you want to build with our lead developers and business analysts, and we will provide you a system development plan that best suit your business requirements. Our development approach relies on close collaboration throughout the project life cycle, from requirement gathering to deployment.

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CMS & eCommerce Platform We Work With

WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world and WordPress website are one of the most user friendly website you’ll ever encounter. Our 8 year experience in Web Development Malaysia gave us the opprotunity to work on WordPress since version 3.7. Give us a call for your WordPress Web Design project.

WooCommerce Developer

WooCommerce is the No 1 go-to eCommece solution in the world. WooCommerce powered more than 30% of the world’s eCommerce websites and the community is getting bigger everyday. Our WooCommerce Web Developers are able to help develop a eCommerce website that turn visitors into buyers. Get in touch with our web designer to discuss about your WooCommerce Malaysia project now.

Magento Developer

Magento is one of the most robust eCommerce platform and is very popular among big brands and MNC. Magento comes with a complete suits if built in functions and new features can be add in either through extensions or via API integration. Magento is available in Magento Community and Magento Enterprise version. Talk to our Magento Developers now to discuss your Magento project.

Shopify Web Developer

Shopify eCommerce platform powered more than 3,685,763 eCommerce website on the internet. It is one of the most popular eCommerce system in the world and with its Software As A Service model, any merchant can kick start a webstore easily. Our Shopify developers are able to help set up, customize and manage your Shopify store. Check out our Shopify Malaysia service now.

Frameworks & Tech Stack We Work With

Laravel Developer

Ionic Developer

Vue.js Developer

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